Boxes of Joy: UPDATE!

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed last summer to the CCW Boxes of Joy initiative!   Below is a note of gratitude on behalf of the Deanery Directors of the Boxes of Joy program:


Working together, Savannah Deanery expanded our reach with the “Box of Joy” project for Cross Catholic Outreach.    In three short years, we have increased our gifts from 67 to 300 to over 850 gifts this year.  With a goal of 1000 boxes next year, it is our hope that more ministries in our deanery with take part in 2020.

 These innocent children may be receiving their first ever Christmas gift.   Living in countries, where poverty is a way of life, there are not many helping organizations, and these children will know someone cares about them.  Because of your generosity, they will know that they are loved.  Packed in each box are a rosary and prayer card along with toys, school supplies, toiletries and clothes.   With the hard work of your Council of Catholic Women, Parish Life ministries or Individuals these children will remember this Christmas as a joyful one.  You are responsible for putting a smile on the face of a child this Christmas.

 As the program grows, more countries and more children can receive the love that we send them.  With overwhelming gratitude, we thank you for your support for this program.

Lori Hrabie    St. Peter the Apostle Council of Catholic Women

Gayle Valbuena       St. Michael and St. James Council of Catholic Women


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