CONGRATULATIONS to the BSS JV Football team…2020 SPAL Champions

We are the champions! Congratulations to our BSS JV football team for winning the SPAL football championship game! Hats off to SCPS for playing a great game. 

Winning a SPAL football championship is fantastic! You know what else is fantastic? When a student takes the time to recognize and thank the people who worked hard behind the scenes to make fall sports happen…which is exactly what happened this morning on the BSS Broadcast News! We are so proud of our athletes on and off the field!

We want to give a BIG shout out to thank all the coaches, who planned hard and gave their time to get all our athletes ready. THANK YOU to our AD, Kevin Halligan, who had to balance many, many schedule changes, our parents who had to attend games in very different ways, our administration who were there to support athletics the whole way, and our players for balancing the many changes we had to make with Covid! #believeinit☘️

BSS defeats SCPS 24-22 in a GREAT game to capture 2020 SPAL Championship

JV athletes raising the trophy after the championship game. BSS defeats SCPS 24-22 in a GREAT game to capture 2020 SPAL Championship.

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