CYO – Helping Hands for Social Apostolate

BSC-CYO Help to Ease World Hunger…starting within our own community.

Last night our CYO teenagers studied Luke 16.  They talked about how Jesus gives us so very much.  They discussed how the steward in Luke’s gospel squandered his resources, and they shared how we all do the same sometimes. We squander money on things we don’t need. We squander time on social media instead of investing in people we love. We squander attention on things that just don’t really matter all that much for eternity.  The teenagers learned about global poverty. 80% of the world lives on less than $10 a day. And by a modest estimate, the way I live my life costs about $60 a day. Six times more than 80% of the world. People handed Starbucks over 24 billion dollars last year. If we spent that much on coffee, surely we can solve world hunger. We can’t solve it alone! But, we have to start somewhere. So, as a group, we made dozens of sandwiches for the Social Apostolate. We shared in small groups how God is so good. These teenagers are a bright light in the Church and we are so thankful for them. ❤️   – Maureen Cole, CYO Youth Leader


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