New Beginnings at End of Year!

For those of you who have not yet contributed, please remember that giving at year end can also work to your benefit financially. Gifts dated up to December 31st may allow you to take advantage of a charitable contribution if you itemize deductions on your tax return.

Factors to consider when making your charitable gift:
•Take advantage of the charitable tax deduction before the end of the year.
•Allow enough time to complete your transaction. Allowances will be made for end-of-the-year deliveries.
•Evaluate the benefits of donating cash versus appreciated assets. Giving stock or mutual fund shares may allow you to avoid huge capital gains tax.
•Gifts through wills, charitable remainder trusts, designation of beneficiaries of life insurance and gifts of retirement fund assets all provide methods of making meaningful future gifts.

Statements for tax purposes will be mailed out by 1/31/23

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