RCIA – Celebrations to Proceed

To the BSC RCIA participants:

The RCIA Baptism, Confirmation, and First Communion times have not changed.    The celebrations will proceed as scheduled, this Saturday, at the 5:30 Vigil Mass.

Recent cancellations of certain events were due to the fact that a participant in the May 30th Diaconate Ordination in our Diocese at the Cathedral tested positive for Covid 19.

Since a small number of our parish members were present at this ordination (please note they have been made aware of the situation and are either being tested or self-quarantining).  The parish took necessary steps to reduce large gatherings such as the 2nd Grade First Holy Communion, and the 8th Grade Confirmation.

Nothing has changed for RCIA.  Rehearsal will be at 12 noon this Saturday or the 5:30 pm Mass later that evening.

Important: That being said we want everyone to feel comfortable and safe.  Please do not attend these scheduled RCIA events if you uncomfortable in any way knowing that someone in the parish has been exposed to Covid 19.   If you choose not to attend the public ceremony, we will take steps to make sure you have a path to have your Confirmation and Frst Holy Communion at another general Mass or in private with Father at the Parish.

Please let RCIA director, Brandon Wallace, know if you intend to participate this Saturday, or if you will be contacting Father about doing it privately. Please email Mr. Wallace as soon as possible:  bwallace76@gmail.com


A very special RCIA group

For sure, this has been a very unusual end to the RCIA experience.  Please know that we will continue to pray for each of you by name for the path that you began last September in your walk towards the Catholic Church.  This is certainly a lesson in patience and perseverance for our special group.

Thank you,

Brandon Wallace, RCIA Director

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