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  1. Shirley LYNCH Kinlaw on

    I am wondering if the 100th Anniversary commemorative publication is available for purchase b y former parishioners. My family’s association with the parish goes back for possibly the entire 100 years. My parents were married there in May of 1939. My mom (Rosemary Schwarz Lynch) passed away in January of 2014 and was buried from the church by Fr. Brannen. Fr. Brannen delivered my mom’s eulogy – which was written by Bishop Boland but he was unable to deliver it due to illness on the day of her funeral. My dad (William J Lynch) passed away in April of 1993 and was also buried from Blessed Sacrament. In fact, my dad was very instrumental in the plans for the construction of the “new” school building and gym back in the 60’s. He spoke at the laying of the cornerstone. My sister, Rosemary Lynch Lewis, lives down on Wilmington Island. My two sisters, brother and myself all attended and graduated from Blessed Sacrament School back in the 1960’s. I (Shirley Lynch Kinlaw) have resided in Greensboro, NC since 1977.

    We would all love to have access to the commemorative publication and hope that it will be possible. Congratulations on the 100th Anniversary!


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