Social Distancing Protocols


For the safety of our parish family, please be reminded:

Physical distancing will limit seating availability for Mass. Pastors must abide by state and local laws and restrictions that pertain to physical distancing. This physical distancing will determine how many seats can be made available for Mass in the church or other parish buildings, so pastors will define a fair method for determining how many can attend any one Mass and ensuring the greatest potential for participation. Unfortunately, this may mean that by ensuring everyone has at least some opportunity for attending Mass, no one should expect to be able to attend Mass every Sunday or with guaranteed regularity It is very important that you are registered with the parish to receive updated information regarding Mass times and safety measures . Please make sure your contact information is current so that you can receive updates through email, Facebook or the parish website.

  • For the safety of the parish community, it is important that those who are symptomatic, feel sick, have a fever, have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or have traveled internationally or to a domestic hot spot in the past two weeks, stay home. Because of the general dispensation, there is no obligation at this time to attend Mass, so there is no sin if you stay home for any reason.
  • The wearing of masks for ages three and up is highly recommended. We do this to protect others as well as ourselves.
  • We do not have a large supply of hand sanitizer. We strongly encourage each family or individual to bring their own supply.
  • Use of the restrooms will be limited to one person at a time, not including children. Please maintain a 6-foot distance from people waiting in line.

We strongly encourage all parishioners to maintain proper physical distancing on church property (on the steps, on the sidewalks, in the parking lot, etc.) Before and after Mass, even though we have been isolated for a long time, please do not congregate in the church for conversations.


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