Taking Precautions

Due to the rising threats of the coronavirus Blessed Sacrament is taking extra precautions  to  keep  our parishioners healthy and safe.  Effective immediately, distribution of the Precious Blood has been suspended.  Additionally,  Holy Water use and the sign of peace during Mass will also be temporarily suspended until the threat is under control.   We will resume these practices once the threat has passed.

We would like  to  remind  all  parishioners, especially  those who have compromised immune  systems   to  take  these  precautions seriously.  Please  use  the  hand sanitizer  dispensers in the Church window sills, and if you are coughing and/or sneezing Father Brannen will grant you a dispensation from attending Mass.    Please  keep  all  those  working in  the medical industry in your  prayers as they work  to manage this life threatening situation.


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